Sponsored Video: 360° CHUGOKU+SHIKOKUxTOKYO – Underwater/SHIMANE

March 8, 2018

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There are many great videos for tourists on Youtube and one of the best ones that we highly recomend is the Tourism of all Japan X Tokyo channel, they offer a fantastic series of highly interesting and informative videos for those interested in travelling to Japan.

Sightseeing is one of the highlights of any holiday or travel and what makes these travel videos special is that they are all shot in 360 degrees, and it gives the viewer the sense of almost being there in person, and we get to see so many of the must see wonders of this fascinating country.

In the video title 360° CHUGOKU+SHIKOKUxTOKYO – Underwater / SHIMANE, we get to have an amazing visual experience inside Tokyo’s wonderful aquarium. This ocean wonderland really comes alive in the video, as we get to share with japanese families enjoying a fascinating day out with their children.

In the second part of this two minute video we travel to the Shimane region of western Japan to the beautiful Oki Islands. Here we see a scuba diver under the water as we enjoy the amazing visibility which shows us Coral reefs and a huge variety of tropical fish.

The great thing about this highly enjoyable video series is that it covers every city and region in Japan and watching them is a really enjoyable way to learn about the places and activities available to visitors to Japan.

The videos are interesting , informative and well made and we strongly recommend you to watch if you have plans to be a tourist in Japan someday.

This post has been presented by Tokyo Metropolitan Govt but all thoughts and opinions are our own.

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